Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF)

Date: October 10, 2019

Venue: Marriott Armenia Hotel

Place: Yerevan, Armenia

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Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF)

The Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF) is organized by the multistakeholder Internet Governance Council (IGC) of the Republic of Armenia with the support of the Ministry of the high-tech industry (HTI) as well as the Internet Society NGO and Internet Society Armenia Chapter NGO.

The main objectives of the forum are:

  • to provide an open and transparent platform for all stakeholder groups
  • to bring up and discuss the Internet governance related issues
  • to give the floor to the wide community
  • to deliver the messages to the policy makers

This year the Armenian IGF celebrates its 5th anniversary. In previous years, the Forum has hosted and provided the platform for multi-stakeholder groups representatives, created a collaborative environment, supported youth participation, and raised important and relevant Internet governance related issues that were presented both by local and international speakers.